Joining the Club

Endeavour Pistol Club Inc









There are 3 shooting membership options, full membership, junior membership and family membership.


Full Membership:
Any person interested in joining the EPC should visit the Club premises at Kirrawee on a Wednesday night and contact the duty range officer. This officer will provide information concerning the Club and its activities; provide details of current Club membership fees and at this stage briefly discuss the legal implications of pistol shooting and the obligations associated with membership and firearm ownership. Membership application forms are available and should be completed if you wish to join.

Applicants should contact the duty officer or Secretary to arrange for an interview with the Club Committee.

At the interview the application form, membership fees and 100 points of identification are required. An applicant must also provide two character references from persons who are of or above the age of 18 and who have known the applicant for at least two years.


Junior Membership:
Juniors aged 12 to 17 years of age may become members. A parent or Guardian must provide written consent before a junior can be admitted or any firearm is handled.

There are limitations concerning ownership of a firearm and issuance of a licence while a junior member.

Different conditions may apply to transferees from another pistol club.


Club Membership

Full membership $295.00.

Junior Membership $180.00.

Family Members can discuss family discounts.

Pensioner  discounts.


Full and junior members are also members of the NSW Amateur Pistol Association Inc.

The Club is affiliated with the SSAA and there is a reduction in fees for its members

All applicants except transferees, will undergo a background check conducted by NSW Police before membership or a licence can be granted.


Click on the links to download the membership application forms in Adobe format.  Please print it and complete the details.

Also note that you will require two referees to accompany your application.  These referees must be over the age of 18, must have known you for more than 12 months and not immediate family.  Please ensure your referees include their proof of identity is completed.

You must bring your membership application form to the club at 6 Yalgar Road, Kirrawee in person between 7pm and 8pm on any Wednesday evening.


Application Form     Reference Form     Fees


How do I obtain a Pistol Licence? (refer to )  

To obtain a pistol licence you need to be a member of a pistol club and have what is called a genuine reason, which is for sport & target shooting.


When you join the club as a Full Member you then apply for a Probationary pistol licence.

For the first six months while on probation you are not permitted to possess or use a pistol except when at the club ranges and under direct supervision.

After six months and when you have completed your safety & training courses, the police are notified and you can then apply for a 'permit to acquire’ to obtain your first pistol. You will be restricted in the type and number of pistols you can own.


Before your probationary licence expires you can apply for a category H pistol licence. When granted you can than apply to purchase other types of pistols.


To obtain a pistol you must have an approved safe installed.

Information on storage of pistols and their transportation is covered in your training.


For further information please contact our club secretary on 0413 101 871