Pistol Matches

Endeavour Pistol Club Inc

Club Pistol Matches

The club members shoot a variety of matches at our ranges as well as at other clubs and compete at regional, state and national competitions. The matches that we regularly shoot are:


Air Pistol.

This ISSF match is shot at the Kirrawee Range.

It is a 60 round match for men and 40 rounds for juniors and women, shot over 10 metres and is a precision match.


Standard Pistol.

This ISSF match is modified and shot at Botany using a .22 cal. Pistol.

It is a 65 round match shot over 25 metres. The course of fire is 5 sighters in 1 minute and then 4 series of 5 shots in 60 seconds, 4 series of 5 shots in 20 seconds, 4 series of 5 shots in 10 seconds.


Centre Fire & Sport Pistol.

These ISSF matches are modified and shot at Botany.

Men shoot centre fire pistols, juniors & women may shoot .22 pistols.

Each is a 65 round match shot at 25 metres. The course of fire is 5 sighters in 1 minute and then 6 series of 5 shots  at a precision target and 6 series of 5 shots at a duelling target where each shot is allowed 3 seconds


Service Pistol.

This 100 round match is a timed match shot at larger targets from various positions with different hands and at distances from 7 to 25 metres.


Wild Bunch Action Match and Motley Bunch Action Match.

The Club will be introducing two new matches, namely the Wild Bunch Action Match (WB Action Match) and the Motley Bunch Action Match (MB Action Match).  The first match will be limited to 1911 style semi-automatic pistols with a calibre of .45mm.  Only members who possess this gun and a Hi Cal licence are eligible to shoot in this match.


The second match is based on the first match but is open to members who possess any style of centrefire semi-automatic pistol of any calibre up to and including .38 mm.  Both matches comprise 48 shots and may be shot with both hands. 


These matches are based on the first stage of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Wild Bunch Action Shooting match and have been modified so they can be accommodated at the Club’s indoor range at Bay Street.


Both matches are based on accuracy, speed and fast action.  Several unique factors relate to these matches compared to the standard matches shot at the Bay Street range, such as modified Service, Centre fire and Standard Pistol. 


Each shooter will have two (2) targets to shoot at, one being off-center or off-set;  after the initial command to load, the shooter - not the R.O. - will determine when to reload;

the condition of the pistol will vary from cocked and loaded with the slide down and safety on to pistol empty;  greater emphasis is placed on the position of the trigger finger.


Operating the safety catch while the pistol is moving is another unique feature new to most Club members. 


Eligibility to Participate in WB and MB Action Match


In the interests of safety and to acquaint members with these new matches, eligibility to participate in both matches will be conditional upon the member completing an in-house training course. This course will be conducted by Ken Field at the APR Kirrawee on Wednesday nights when the range is open, and at the Bay Street range on an opportunity basis, utilizing Bays 1 and 2, after the primary and secondary matches have been held.


NB:  Please contact Ken Field prior to training to book your spot.


Please refer to the EPC calendar 2018 for details of matches to be held at Bay Street, etc. (on  EPC website, Facebook, and email sent to all members).




Club members can also shoot:

¨ Police Practical Competition. (PPC) 48 rounds at varying distances using a medium target.


The following matches can be shot at other ranges as a visitor:-

¨ Metallic silhouette. Long range shooting over 100 metres for .22 pistols and 200 metres for centre fire at metal animal targets.

¨ IPSC. Similar to Service but at outdoor ranges.

¨ Single Action. These are theme matches using pistols, shot guns and rifles as western or colonial characters.

¨ ISSF. Rapid Fire pistol. duelling at turning targets.